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Langa® Stone


Pietra di Langa® is a sandstone typical of the "Langa", an area of South Piedmont between the province of Cuneo, Asti, Alessandria and the Ligurian Apennines. It is characterized by a coloration that varies from beige to grey and all the different shades in between.


As a building material it has always been used not only because of its availability, but also for its workability. Its natural cleft surface is obtained by splitting the stone by compression along its natural stratums. With the mechanical press the stone is divided into pieces of about 4 to 15 cm thickness, while with the diamond blade it is cut for 2 cm thick facing.


Langa Stone (Pietra di Langa®) is a frost resistant sandstone, suitable to be used with natural split finish for walling, cladding and traditional flooring.
Typically, walling stones have natural or natural split finish. Sizes vary from medium/big (cm. 15/18/20/30/35 approx.) for masonry, to small (cm. 6/8/10 approx.) for standard cladding and the Sta type (cm 2/3) for thin cladding.
For paving Langa Stone, it is available in different sizes: setts, cubes, natural or squared blocks, kerbs, etc.
To know the Langa Stone technical characteristics, please, send us a request through the requests form.

Please remember that stone is a natural product. Therefore variations in colour and texture should be enjoyed and expected as natural stones characteristics.
We are specialized in the realization of customized works on demand.